Friday, January 23, 2015

Sprinkle Some Love in Your Corner

Ah.  We have officially passed the holiday season, life has begun the mid-winter rhythms.  How lovely then, that we mark a day for good old love in February.  By mid-January I start to look forward to Valentines Day.  Not because I'm overly sentimental or get real hyped up about flowers and teddy bears (although the chocolates? That's another story.  I'm very interested there).  

I guess I love moving from January to February knowing that the promise of spring is out there despite the winter song we're singing right now.  And Valentine's Day is a chance to wake up from all that white and grey, throw on some pink and red, and remember how much we love those people standing around us.  And how much they love us.

And really, that's pretty great.  Red Love in the midst of Grey Winter. Celebrate it a little.

With that in mind, I have a few new pieces in the shop and two of them are particularly good this time of year.

The first is a revival of The Kindness Project.  If you need a refresher, these cards share a basic message of spreading kindness ... and passing that kindness on.  The reverse is a reminder that the littlest of actions has the potential to change the world.  The front is a new "Spread Kindness Quietly" design.  I have a limited amount in stock.  I'd love to get a dozen to you.

The second is a letterpress card.  Creating this card came from a place of wanting to reach past the "love and hugs" kind of card.  What is it that I want to - and don't often enough tell those around me? That they are special and what they are doing in their daily lives is making a difference.  So, here you go.

Take a look in the shop for both these items with the rest of the goods in my studio space.  Holler if I can help you spread some love and kindness.  Let's put some love in the air already.