Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Season, New Things!

A new season is here!  The online studio has been quiet, but much has been happening in the physical studio.  A fall and holiday line of items is in the final stages of getting together, I have seriously neat new stamps and customizable stamps to share, the possibility of purchasing prints (in varied sizes!) is coming up, AND a small line of South Dakota items is in the works - depending on how the world like them.  

There's something about fall - maybe it's my birth season, maybe it's the hunting, maybe the departure of lovely visitors or just the gosh darn beauty of South Dakota in the fall - whatever it is, there's something about it that makes me say, "Wow, South Dakota. You get me. Every time."

All of this to say, it's holiday and gathering time in the home state. Time to come home and remember why it's home and celebrate. I think that sums up pretty well all the latest pieces I have in the hopper.  I'll be posting them here and linking on Facebook - as well as showing them at The Alley Exchange in October.  I can't wait to share them. 

Until then, happy fall.